Facebook Rolling Out New Brand Safety Tools For Advertisers

Facebook is launching new brand safety tools for advertisers in the coming weeks.

The advertising giant recently revealed that they are refreshing and launching new brand safety tools for advertisers to help them monitor where their ads run. There have been recent issue with advertisers ads running alongside less than desirable content on Youtube and Facebook wants to get ahead of the issue with these new tools while their video product, Watch, is still under the radar.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, said in a statement:

“We’ve been working with advertisers to build more controls and we’re taking another step forward today. Now all advertisers, from global brands to local businesses, will have access to comprehensive publisher lists and delivery reports to better control where their ads appear.”

The new brand safety tools will allow ad buyers to block specific publishers from campaigns that run within Instant Articles and in-stream videos before they run. They will now also be able to see a list of where their ads may appear before they run in these ad formats. This was not possible in the past so ads would have to first run on the publishers content, then the buyer would have to run a report to see where the ad ran and make a decision on whether to block or not.

Facebook’s new brand safety efforts come at a time when they are expanding their ad offerings to 3rd party sites through the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). They are also starting to allow video ads in their Watch video product, which will be a direct competitor to Youtube.