Google Ads Rebranding Is Confusing At Best

In an effort to simplify their advertising products, Google is rebranding their popular Adwords, Doubleclick, Analytics and Bid Manager brands.

The company will soon launch Google Ads which will be a replacement for Google Adwords, Google Ad Manager which will be a replacement for Doubleclick for Publishers/Ad Exchange, and Google Marketing Cloud which will be a replacement for Bid Manager and Google’s Analytics 360. However, Google Adsense will not be changed, for some reason.

Google is the largest online advertising platform, generating over $95 billion each year. They have many ad products that do sometimes confuse and/or overlap a bit. The rebranding is a valiant effort to simplify what Google offers to advertisers and publishers but it seems that they are replacing well known brands that are very entrenched with generic brands that could confuse consumers even more.

Google Adwords is now Google Ads but Google Adsense is remaining Google Adsense. Why wouldn’t Google Ads include Google Adsense, offering a single self service platform for small buyers and sellers?

Doubleclick for Publishers and the Ad Exchange are now Google Ad Manager, which is fine and the Ad Exchange is already built into Doubleclick but its a monetization tool that can be used outside of their ad server.

Bid Manager and Google’s Analytics 360 are now Google Marketing Cloud but will these two separate products be available for use on their own?

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s svp of ads:

“As you can imagine, if you want to go talk to an advertiser about buying ads to run on YouTube, you go in there and say, ‘Hey go into the AdWords interface,’ and they go ‘What?’ There is truly some confusion with respect to that.”

However, I would argue that an advertiser that hasn’t heard of Adwords is hard to come by. Combining some of their ad buying, ad selling, ad serving and analytics is not a bad idea, however changing the name of a well known product probably will cause more confusion.