Adklip has long standing in relationships with the Google Ad Manager (ADX), Amazon, Index Exchange, Xandr, Rubicon, District M, Pubmatic, Rhythmone and GroupM. We aggregate that demand for publishers who are too small to gain access individually or simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage and optimize several demand sources.


Hybrid Ad Stack

Through first hand experience, Adklip has learned that a hybrid ad stack is the best way to increase a publishser's revenue. This unique approach allows for Adklip to bring premium demand, ad technology and formats while also maintaining a publisher's existing revenue streams from networks such as Adsense. We do this through a unified auction where all demand partners compete for a publisher's inventory.

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Header Bidding
  • Aggregated demand from ADX, Amazon, Index Exchange, Xandr and Agencies
  • Existing Publisher Demand
Ad Formats

IAB banners are the life blood of a publishers ad revenue. We support all standard banner sizes: 300×250, 300×600, 728×90, 970×90, 970×250, 160×600, 320×50.


Sticky Ads earn and average of 2x more than standard banner ads because they are highly viewable. We supply horizontal and vertical sticky ads in a variety of ad sizes.

Mobile vignette ads are highly viewable and impactful which results in CPMs that are 2x higher than standard banner ads. We supply a full screen experience that maximizes revenue.

Native ads blend with a publihsers site content to create a user friendly experience for the users. Adklip offers native banner and native video ad units.


Adklip Player

Instream preroll is the most valuable ad format and Adklip's video player is a plug and play solution for publishers. We provide the player, contextual video content and connect premium demand from our partners. The CPMs earned through the Adklip player are 3x higher than standard banner ads.

3rd Party Player

Publishers with existing video content and a 3rd party player can access premium demand from DSP's and agencies that will compete with existing demand. Integration is through VAST/VPAID tags or prebid.

Reporting Dashboard

Real Time Metrics

It's important for publishers to track ad performance in real time. We offer publishers a reporting dashboard that allows them to keep track of their Adklip revenue plus their own demand partner revenue. This unique approach of presenting Adklip demand metrics and the publishers demand partner metrics give users a holistic view into their ad performance.

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