The Top 10 Most Trusted Programmatic Ad Sellers

The top 10 most trusted programmatic ad sellers might surprise you.

The team over at Pixalate recently updated their Global Seller Trust Index for programmatic ad sellers and RhythmOne came out on top for the U.S. while the Google Ad Exchange ranked number 1 for International. The list compiles 6 different scores – Reach, GIVT, SIVT, Ads.txt, Viewability and Masking – to come up with an overall score.

When ad buyers are deciding what platform to use for their campaigns its important to consider this list. Invalid traffic is a big concern and its key to choose a platform that takes this threat seriously and combats it constantly. Many of these companies are household names but others like Sonobi and District M are not eventhough they’ve been around for some time.

Google is not the only player here and all of these platforms offer great services for their ad buying clients.

The top 10 most trusted programmatic ad sellers (U.S.)

  1. RhythmOne (90)
  2. PubMatic (88)
  3. OpenX (88)
  4. PulsePoint (88)
  5. District M (87)
  6. Sonobi (87)
  7. COMET (87)
  8. Oath (86)
  9. Google Ad Exchange (86)
  10. Zedo (85

The top 10 most trusted programmatic ad sellers (International)

  1. Google Ad Exchange (97)
  2. RhythmOne (96)
  3. Index Exchange (96)
  4. OpenX (95)
  5. PubMatic (95)
  6. Sonobi (95)
  7. Oath (95)
  8. District M (95)
  9. Rubicon Project (95)
  10. Sovrn (95)