We help publishers set up ad serving, manage ad stack yield and source programmatic demand to compete with existing demand. Our suite of offerings gives publishers the tools to maximize revenue.

Ad Server Set Up


Ad serving technology can be complicated. We set up and train publishers how to use ad serving to ease workflow for direct and programmatic sales.


  • Google Ad Manager (DFP) set up and optimization to enable directly sold ads and programmatic to run seamlessly.
  • Initial set up, ad placement and training for publishers to learn how to manage their ads
  • Technical troubleshooting for ad issues

Ad Stack Management


Ad stack yield management is the key to maximizing revenue. We help set up and optimize publishers current ad partners to garner the highest revenue.


  • Google Ad Exchange
  • Google Adsense
  • Programmatic Banner SSPs
  • Programmatic Video SSPs
  • Header Bidding
  • Adklip Programmatic Demand
  • Ads.txt set up to ensure compliancy with IAB standards

Programmatic Demand


Adklip provides programmatic demand so publishers have another source of demand to compete with existing demand. Competition increases revenue.


  • Banners
  • Header Bidding
  • Instream Video Preroll with Video Content
  • Aggregated demand from Google Ad Exchange, Amazon, Appnexus, OpenX, Pubmatic, Verizon Media, RhythmOne and Rubicon.
  • Real-time reporting dashbaord

The All-In-One Video Player

The all-in-one video player gives publishers access to instream video preroll and video content.

A few publishers we've provided ad services for...

Over the last 5 years we've worked directly with many premium publishers.



See what our clients are saying about us.

George was a great help with getting us up-and-running with Google Ad Manager. Would definitely recommend him and look forward to working with him again.
-Patty C.

Louisiana Sportsman
I enjoyed working with George, he understood my needs and worked with me to accomplish my goals. I will be working with him more in the future.
-Jeff C.

You can tell right away that George knows what he is doing as he communicates clearly and thinks ahead. He also thinks creatively about reaching new heights, and is therefore a valuable teamplayer.
-Trond b.

George did a great job helping us set up Ad Manager with our very specific delivery requirements. He communicates well, and is knowledgeable!
-Brian S.

George is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital advertising. He was able to optimize AdSense placement for my website. The revenue uplift post optimization was around 50-60%. I am extremely satisfied with the results. He is an expert and has great communication. I would recommend him for anything related to adops.
-Jacob A.

Energy Central
We used George as a consultant for our ad server transition from OAS to DFP. He is very knowledgeable. His bio was definitely accurate, he really knew what he was talking about with DFP/Google Ad server. We would highly recommend for similar projects.
-Steph W.


We set up, manage and optimize media buys for advertisers across Google Ads, Social Media, Programmatic and our managed sites.

Google Ads


We are certified by Google for search, display and video media buying across Google and Youtube. Google provides unprecedented reach and data so each dollar spent reaches your intended audience.


  • Campaign set up, management and optimizations based on goals
  • Banner, search, instream and outstream ad buys
  • Remarketing to site visitors, abandoned cart users, newsletter subscribers and more

Social Media


Social Media platforms have a plethora of data that can used to highly target ads in a native and non-intrusive way resulting is high conversion rates. Social Media provide a way for advertisers to get personal.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat

Programmatic Supply


Outside of Google and social media, there are several programmatic platforms that provide excellent options to reach target audiences. Programmatic provides additional reach and targeting ability.


  • Oath
  • Adobe
  • AppNexus
  • RhythmOne
  • Pubmatic
  • Adklip

A few advertisers we've provided ad services for...

Over the last 5 years we've worked directly with many premium advertisers.


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